About me and this blog

I spent a decade studying mathematics in academia before switching to programming for a living. A fair amount of my professional career was spent developing Enlighten, a real-time global illumination solution for the games industry that’s integrated into the Unity engine (and various other engines/games).

Geomerics, the start-up that developed Enlighten, was acquired by Arm in 2013, and Arm subsequently discontinued development of Enlighten in 2017. This blog was created in order to write up some of the technical things we learned while developing Enlighten.

My current big project is RealBridge, an online platform for bridge (the card game), with integrated video and audio. It started in April 2020 as a lockdown project, and kept going from there…

I currently program mostly in C++ and JavaScript, though I have experience of more esoteric things like FPGAs and the GPGPU badlands. I live in Cambridge, UK, and am a second-generation programmer: my father writes and maintains some fairly widely used software.

You can find me on twitter @grahamhazel